How long does a roof last?

Typically, a roof will last about 25 years. The installation of the roof is covered by our 12-year workmanship guarantee.

Which shingles do you recommend?

We like to use the IKO Cambridge architectural line, IKO Dynasty shingles, CertainTeed’s Landmark line, Malarkey, and Owens-Corning. We are happy to discuss other varieties and manufacturers and review their reliability and warranties with you so that you make the most informed choice that suits your budget.

What services do you offer?

In addition to providing free estimates and installing new roofs, we tear off old roofs, install synthetic or peel-and-stick underlayment, install standard or high-profile roofing caps, clean your gutters, repair gutters, replace all existing plumbing or kitchen flashings, add more ventilation if needed, re-flash around skylights and chimneys on the roof, install metal valleys, clean up all work sites, and take shingles to the recycling centre.

How many days will it take to replace my roof?

A standard sized roof would be done in two to three days. Our estimate will explain how long the project will take.

Do you change any rotten sheathing underneath the shingles?

Once the shingles are off, we evaluate any rot in the sheathing underneath and provide you with an estimate if this needs to be replaced. This is often difficult to estimate until the shingles are removed.

I have moss on my roof. Can you remove it?

We do moss removal from existing roofs and install chemical strips to prevent roof moss in the future. Also, we spray with moss prevention spray in attics in old houses if the trusses have moisture underneath. 


Don’t be shy! Call us with your roofing questions. We won’t make you feel obligated or try to pressure-sell you a new roof. We just love roofs and sharing our experience and knowledge. This is why we are Kelowna’s first choice as a roofing company.